I think one big factor is how inefficient these will be in actual use. Cars will be going over these, thus blocking the sun. Then I thought, "ok, maybe they are better for just parking lots." Nope, cars will be parked on it, again, blocking the sun. So we would be looking around 30-60% of actual use out of them during… » 5/31/14 12:51am 5/31/14 12:51am

I think for their jargon, it means that her speed rating was high. Meaning on their scale of speed, she was probably at like a 8/9/10, if it were on a scale of 1-10. Maybe it's on a scale of like 1-200 inMPH, and she was maybe going like 100+? Which must mean they rate the speed she was going at, as high? » 3/26/14 1:12pm 3/26/14 1:12pm